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Meet Nikki


Nikki Fels, MA, NCC, PLPC, School Counselor

Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor

Under the supervision of Dr. Tricia Brown License #2000169030

Does your child, adolescent, or teen exhibit concerning behaviors at home or school?  I believe we should strive to look beyond the concerning behaviors exhibited by our children. What if we shift the perspective from viewing the behavior as problematic to seeing the behavior as a form of communication? My goal as a therapist is to translate this form of communication to create a bridge of understanding between caregivers and their children. As an adult, “adulting” is hard. Therapy can be a positive outlet to explore new coping skills and a self-care routine. It can also be a place to process through life stressors or trauma.

As a mom myself, I understand the beauty, as well as, the struggle of being a parent. With children and adolescents, I believe building strong families and resilient children is through family connection and positive co-regulation. With adults, I believe it is important that as a therapist I sit with you and process through all your current and past hurts.

Together, we will work through your therapeutic goals and strive for lasting positive change. Clients ages 3 to 12 years old I utilize play therapy techniques that are child-centered and steeped in Polyvagal Theory. For clients 12 years and older I utilize Polyvagal, CBT, and EMDR.

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